Two ways to use to improve communication with customers


Two ways to use to improve communication with customers


When every you are communicating with a customer via the internet then the information you want the customer to receive is online. This information can probably be shared with a link, to a website, a page on an app, or a profile on a platform. 


In this blog post a quick guide of how to use to improve your communication with customers


Create different links for the same web page:

If you have a web page that you want customers to visit and promote this page through different channels then you can consider making a different link for each channel. This allows you to track the number of unique clicks in the dashboard when you have an account at 

If you see that one link gets more traffic than others through a specific channel then you can focus more on placing links on these channels.


Customize and shorten your long links

If you have a long link of the web page you want your the customer to visit then the number of clicks on this link could be improved significantly by having a shorter custom link.


Where we as the Team of use these short and customized links for is everything we want to share and access quickly.

For meetings we use for example, then we open our laptop and just type this into the search bar of our browser. Since it is easy to remember we do not need to save it somewhere and look it up. Also, we use for example as a quick way to clearly share lots of different links to certain documents without getting confused about what each link is.


For example

If you have a long link to the page where customers can buy discounted goods you want to sell as quickly as possible then you could customize this link in to something like this