Blog 1 Team explain

06.Nov.2020 is a start-up that created this URL shortener, shorting links is already possible however ShareableURL not only shortens you link it also allows you to customize it to whatever you want for example:


Shorten your zoom link →


The “” part can be customized into many different kinds of link names depending on what purpose you want to use it,,,,,,,, and 30 more!*


After you start sharing your custom link you may wonder how many different people clicked it, therefore we have all kinds of tools to analyze the usage of your link.


Behind the website of is also a team. This Team consists of Olivier Luka, Livius, and Toine. They are four students of the University of Amsterdam who all do the minor entrepreneurship.


Let’s introduce the team members.



This is Olivier, he is one of the co-founders of His passion is creating new startups and technology. He studies at Erasmus University College where he does Business and Economics.  At his main responsibilities include improving the user-friendliness of the site to make it easier to use. next to this, he is talking to users to get ideas for what features we should build.




This is Luka he is also one of the co-founders of Luka is studying Business Administration at the Univerisity of Amsterdam and is really into entrepreneurship, which is also his motivation to study Business Administration. At his main responsibilities are handling online marketing and finding partners to work with marketing-wise.




Livius, also a co-founder of ShareableURL. He always wanted to know how it is to have your own startup and find out how to create value without any supervision. The entrepreneur minor gave me this chance to start ShareableURL together with his team. He studies Economics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. At he mainly focuses on creating a viable business model and on customer targeting.



This is Toine, he is one of the four co-founders of His passion is creating something new such as this start-up. This also relates well to his study which is International Business Administration at the Vrije University Amsterdam. At he mainly works on the user experience for our website and SEO. His goal is to make the website as easy as possible to navigate for EVERYONE.